Classical Christian education looks to past, thrives today

Jenna Mullinix is only 11, but she can already translate common phrases from Latin.

Sitting around the table at Red Lobster waiting on their meals several months ago, she and her younger siblings occupied the time by reciting an Orthodox hymn from memory. When she and her brother are outside at night, they can identify a half-dozen different constellations, the result of a homework assignment to find particular stars in the night sky.

“There’s deeper purpose behind that,” said Jay Mullinix, Jenna’s father. “It inculcates in these kids a sense of wonder at the universe and particularly the universe as created by God and ordered by God and reflective of his beauty. I love that.”

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Matters of the Heart : A Return to Virtue in Education

I was stunned when I recently heard a teacher explain why virtues were not taught in her classroom. And yet, she is right: adults, sadly, have not gotten it right.  One scan of the newspaper or the evening news makes it painfully clear that adults could use a crash course in kindness and respect, which is precisely why we should return to teaching virtue in the classroom.

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Six Easy Ways to Build Your Toddler’s Math Mind

Studies show that a child’s math skills when entering kindergarten are a better predictor of future academic success than reading skills, social skills or the ability to focus.

That’s why Katherine Earles, who holds degrees in engineering and mathematics, knew that preparing her Pre-K children to read was important, but developing their math mind was equally important.

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Wings of the Wind Kites and Toys

Dear Parents,

Locally owned Wings of the Wind Kites and Toys has generously agreed to donate to Christ the Savior Academy a percentage of sales made on behalf of CSA during the holidays.  Just stop by their store before the end of the year and let them know when you are making your purchase that it is to benefit Christ the Savior Academy.  They are located at 550 N Rock Rd (NE corner of Rock and Central).  Their business hours are 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Saturday, and closed on Sunday.

Wings of the Wind sells quality educational, fun and unique gifts as well as an incredible assortment of kites and yard ornaments crafted by local artisans.  The proprietors, Susan and Mark, would love to help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.  Check out their website:

Thank you for supporting CSA!

Merry Christmas!


Divine Liturgy

We celebrated the Divine Liturgy for the feast day of St. John Chrysostom. Our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders helped with the chanting guided by Mrs. Jenny Farha, our 5th Grade and Music Teacher, her husband, Aaron Farha and Father Isaac Farha. Father Joshua Burnett, served the Liturgy. All are parents of students at the school. We are blessed to have parents and family as role models and setting example of the many ways we can serve Christ in our daily lives.

Sitti Luncheon

Part of the spiritual component of education is to teach children about relationships – learning to interact with people beyond our age. Each year, we invite the sittis (Arabic word for grandmother) into our school to have lunch with us. Many of these ladies volunteer in our school. They love us, support us and always believe in us. CSA loves our Sittis.

Grandparents Day

Our grandparents visited school, and we showed them a sample of all we are learning – from the JKers signing the alphabet to the Third Graders partial recitation of Horatius at the Bridge. We broke bread with them and delighted in their visit. Thank you, grandparents, for sharing a special day with us.